Brief About INLIGHT

INLIGHT is India's leading Reflective Safety Jacket brand in India with its presence since 2011. During these 6 years it has established itself well into the market will almost all the leading buyers on its side. Striving for continuous product improvement and state-of-the-art infrastructure has helped in reaching were it is today.

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Here you can customise your jacket and give it your personal touch by choosing the colour, size, pattern and even by adding your company's logo.Turn yourself into a designer.

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Certified Jackets

EN ISO 20471:2013
IS 15809:2017



Spherical Reflection
(Glass Bead Type) Technology

Each glass bead works as follows: An incoming light beam refracts as it passes through the front surface of the glass bead and is reflected off the mirrored surface behind the bead again. The beam then passes back through the front surface and returns toward the light source.

Cube Corner Reflection
(Micro-Prism) Technology

Cube corners are retro-reflective lens elements like glass beads. Each cube corner has three mutually perpendicular refractive surfaces.

An incidental light ray is refracted on each of the three surfaces and is returned to its source parallel to its initial direction. It functions like a ball bouncing into the corner of a room.

Our Clients



  1. Quality Product

    The products are prepared under the supervision of well trained and qualified personnel so as to ensure quality end product . The products are customized in such a way that it satisfies the customer’s needs.

  2. Wide Variety

    M/s. Star Safety Hub offers a wide range of products be it in monetary terms or exclusiveness. It manufactures almost all the possible variety.

  3. Timely Delivery

    Our production capacity is adequate to deliver the material timely and efficiently, as we have collaborated with the word best logistics company.

  4. Branding

    We are also providing branding facilities to our clients, who can advertise there company’s name and logo on safety jackets through screen printing on reflective strips or heat transfers labels or embroidered patches.

  5. Continuous Improvement

    Our Marketing and Customer Care team works continuously with R & D Department to make product best and updated according to latest technologies

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